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1. How long after mold completion until I receive my parts?

After the initial mold sampling, the parts are measured and sent to the customer for evaluation. Once parts are approved by the customer, there is typically a one or two week lead-time for production parts.

2. Do you provide quotes over the phone?

We do our best to capture the information needed to provide an accurate quote. Please provide the following information, if known:
·Part weight
·Type of plastic
·Total shot size
·Overall part/mold dimensions
·Mold open dimensions
For a more accurate quote, we encourage customers to submit a request through our online form system.

3. What is injection molding?

Injection molding is an extremely versatile and popular form of molding. Other processes include extrusion, thermoforming, compression, and blow molding.

In injection molding, plastic granules are heated and injected under pressure into metal molds, where the molten plastic hardens into the designated shape. The mold then opens and the formed part is removed and inspected. The part is then ready for shipment or for secondary manufacturing operations, such as screening.

4. Why is it important to develop a product prototype?

A prototype is a quick way to find out if you are on the right track with your plan or design. It is often the best way to gather feedback from users while you are still refining your design.

Prototypes are cost-effective to modify early in the development process. In addition, having a prototype of your product can help build creditability with potential investors.

5. Who owns the mold after it is built?

You do! The plastic injection mold is designed and built to run your parts.Creating Rapid maintains and houses the molds, however once contractual obligations are fulfilled, you are free to move the mold anywhere.

6.What are your standard lead times?

There are many factors that impact part lead times including material availability, part volume, press availability, and packaging requirements. Typical lead time for part re-order is about 1-2 weeks. Lead time for a new tooling project is dependent upon complexity of the part and mold design. Simple molds can be completed in a few weeks. Complex, high cavitation, hardened steel, or multi-action tools can take up to a few months to complete. We build our molds to last in a high production manufacturing environment and do our best to work within our customers time and budget constraints.

7.How are my parts shipped?

Ships parts domestically and internationally as per our customer requirements. Some customers prefer to setup their own pick-up with their own trucks or via a transportation agency. also arrange to ship via trucking company, courier service, UPS, or Fed-Ex. Customers can advise their preferred shipping method and can use their own accounts (pre-paid) if preferred. Alternatively, if credit terms are established, API can arrange for shipment and add the shipping cost to the invoice.

8. What secondary services are offered on my injection molded product?

We can fulfill as many services as you’d like from our wide range of secondary options including assembly, milling, drilling, CNC machining, painting, tapping, hot stamping, heat staking, heat insertion, ultrasonic welding, ultrasonic inserting, trimming, sorting and special packaging.

9. How do you manage a project?

We assign a program manager to all customer projects. The program manager reports to the senior management and manages all day-to-day activities and correspondence to the appropriate customer. Project management reporting follows various customer specific formats, including Microsoft Project reports that are updated on a weekly basis. The program manager is assigned to the project from the onset, through successful production launch, and remains the point person for all post production questions, dialogue or changes, should they occur. Weekly conference call updates are also a common approach with communication.

10. What is your tolerance?

For prototype parts, general tolerance is +/-0.1mm. We can achieve +/-0.02mm or even higher tolerance if it is needed. For precision machining parts, CNC milling (+/-0.01mm), CNC turning (+/-0.01mm), grinding and EDM (+/-0.005mm)

11. Do you offer inspection reports?

Yes. All the parts will go through our quality control department before shipping. They will be inspected according to the files. Inspection report will be kept for 3 months. We can provide it if it is needed. For batch production, we only provide spot check reports.

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