High or Low Volume Molding Production Service

Creating Rapid specializes in the production of quality molds at affordable prices through strong facilities and meticulous manufacturing processes. Through our trusted supply network, we acquire high-quality raw materials, such as plastics and metals, at affordable costs.

Production at large volumes is managed by plastic injection molding, pressure die casting, and liquid silicone rubber molding. We achieve tight tolerance through our accurate machinery to ensure optimal performance.

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Our Manufacturing Capabilities

From plastic injection molding to LSR molding, our facilities can manage the rapid production of molded products to meet industry standards. In meeting deadlines, automated processes carefully follow your specifications and can adjust easily to design changes.

Plastic Injection Molding

Our plastic injection molding solutions encompass every step of design, tooling, production, surface treatment, and assembly to deliver parts within 2 weeks.

With our advanced technology and equipment, we can handle all commercially available plastics.

Added surface treatments increase corrosion resistance and durability while we ensure tight tolerance that matches your requirements.

Pressure Die Casting

Capable of handling complex shapes and forms, our pressure die casting delivers excellent molds made to last for long periods.

The surface of our molds is treated to ensure corrosion resistance and smoothness.

To accomplish excellent pressure die casting, we use a powerful MUD system for tooling that reduces the cost and time of the molding process.


Advancing the fields of medicine and automation, our LSR molds are fit for high or low volume manufacturing and customized to suit your needs.

Our LSR fits any sizes through their tight tolerance while manufactured to withstand corrosion and extreme temperatures.

Short cycle times ensure that we produce any volume of LSR molds within your schedule.

Accurate and Efficient Assembly

We accurately assemble any mould parts according to your requirements and within your schedule.

With the most advanced machinery and experienced staff, we assemble parts made of metal, plastic and liquid silicone into fine products that stay together and withstand extreme environments. Among our many rapid assembly methods, ultrasonic welding method consumes little energy and puts components together in less than a second.

Through our focused assembly methods, we make every product long-lasting and chemical-resistant.

Surface Treatment

Providing accurate and cost-effective anodizing, printing, painting, and coating services, we can strengthen surfaces through our advanced machinery.


Adding thickness to surfaces, our anodizing provides corrosion resistance while making it easy for glues and paints to be attached.


We use paints that produce durable, anti-rusting finishes capable of resisting corrosion and withstand actions of forming and installation.


Our silk and pad printing transfer any color or image to a surface seamlessly. Choose from personalized logos or multiple color options.


Adding thickness to surfaces, our anodizing provides corrosion resistance while making it easy for glues and paints to be attached.

Flexible and Protective Packaging

Through our experience and advanced machinery, we, as a mold maker in China, develop a variety of packaging methods that prevent damages and secure our parts and products.

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Vacuum Packaging

Expensive molded products are easily protected through our vacuum packaging that prevents moisture and oxygen from seeping through.

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Carton Packaging

Carton packaging is cost-effective due to its reusability and shaped to fit molded parts while presenting your branding on the outside.

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Protective Film

To preserve and retain the quality of our high gloss molded products, we apply a protective film that prevents any scratches while being transported.

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Customizable Packaging

We customize our packaging by using durable materials and adding your preferred logo design and color scheme to set your brand apart.

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