Mold Tooling

As a professional injection mold maker, we excel at supplying molds that carry out the demands of large volume production. Through our robust factory and design capability, we produce your molds with high precision and consideration to your specifications.

Specialized Mold Tooling for Every Superior Product

Export injection molds are built to withstand large volumes plastic and metal injection molding cycles. Built with solid materials such as steel or stainless steel, our export molds typically last over 100,000 cycles. We excel at designing and manufacturing a variety of export molds especially molds with medium to small sizes with complex structures, ranging from insert molds, 2k injection molds, multi-cavity molds and more. Our professional engineers can help you build precise molds according to your budget, finished product size, lifespan, purpose, and more.

Insert Molds

We create quality insert molds for molding thermoplastic materials around preformed component to create a plastic part that incorporates multiple materials.

2K Injection Molds

Our precise 2k injection molds are utilized for molding two or more materials into a single mold to create plastic part through one shot.

Liquid Silicone Rubber Molds

Our LSR molds boast tight tolerance and excellent performance, allowing for producing parts with superior moldability, appearance, and high-temperature resistance.

Die Casting Molds

Die casting molds are used to create metal parts with accurate dimensions, smooth or textured surfaces, and specific geometric patterns.

Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

Established Supply Chain

Our connection to established suppliers and convenient location help us acquire a consisent flow of raw materials for timely mass production, processing and delivery.

Short Lead Time

Following a strict manufacturing SOP, we apply our broad experience to ensure our mold tooling production at a faster lead time.

Low Cost

By supporting streamlined manufacturing, we cut your cost to help you maintain competitive prices and make your export molds of superior quality.

Powerful Factory

Equipped with complete facilities, we can easily conduct streamlined manufacturing that results in premium molds at affordable prices.

Standardized Manufacturing

Through our quality testing and manufacturing SOP, we strictly follow Din-2768 fine to manufacture our export molds.

High Tolerance

We are good at making small and medium export molds with superior quality, excellent structure and high tolerance of 0.001mm.

Our Mold Tooling Process

We carry out a systematic mold-making process, from creating the DFM and mold design for feasibility to comprehensive after-sales support, striving to enable efficient, cost-friendly mold making.

DFM Analysis

DFM Analysis

We will carry out reasonable DFM analyzing according to customer’s requirements, such as appearance, tolerance, life, production requirements, and more.

The DFM report can be completed within 1-7 days, which can help customers optimize and modify product design. Mold flow analysis is available as per your request.

DFM Review & Validation

DFM Review & Validation

To carry out your exact requests, we correct the amendment based on your feedback until approval. You can directly call engineers and discuss technical details by video conference to gain clear insights.

Mold Design

Mold Design

Following the confirmed DFM report, we complete the mold design by 3-7 days. 3D or 2D drawing is provided for your reviewing and approval.

With abundant design experience, we can make molds that support special engineering plastic materials such as PA6, PA66, PPS, PPO, PBT, PEEK, PEI, PPSU, and more.

Mold Making

Mold Making

We will develop specific processing routes, monitor the production process via ERP system and update the progress status of mold processing weekly.

After the mold production, a series of trial production will be carried out to ensure that the mold can meet your production requirements. The first artile inspection reports, pictures or videos of trail production are available for you to view.

Delivery & After Sales

Delivery & After Sales

After your approval, we will deliver the molds to you, and track the your furthet production status to ensure timely support. Meanwhile, we support mulytiple shipping methods to ensure that you can receive your molds on time wherever you are based.

Considerate Services from Start to Finish

We offer unparalleled services in every level, ranging from controlling costs and responding to inquiries rapidly to ensure peace of mind mold tooling.

Dedicated to Creating

Creative, Rapid, and Inexpensive Mold Tooling

We are dedicated to creating rapid, affordable, and professional mold tooling to fulfil your requirement of mass production.

Creative & Professional

With more than 10 years of experience in mold making, our professional team can realize your needs and requirement of mold tooling rapidly.


Through our efficient manufacturing and ERP project management capabilities, we can easily shorten your mold-making cycle one week to produce you molds within your schedule.


Through our convenient location and one-roof manufacturing, we can easily acquire materials to produce any mold as quickly and cost effectively as possible.

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