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Pressure die casting service stands out as we deliver rapid tooling to our clients. Our die casting machines are more than capable of dealing with complex geometries.

We use MUD system for tooling to reduce the cost and time. Excellent surface finishing options, free mold care, and necessary rework are value-added services that are not easy to find if you work with other Mold Makers.

Pressure Die Casting Advantages

Why Us For Pressure Die Casting

Pressure die casting material

Multiple Materials For Pressure Die Casting

We are determined to meet your demands and ensure the quality at the very beginning. Our mold tools are made from steel, such as H13, SKD61, 8407. Mold life differs based on different raw materials, among which the life of mold tool made from 8407 ranges from 500 thousand to 1 million shots. Some of the materials we deal with are:

Aluminum. Zinc. Magnesium

A material consultation is for free prior to our cooperation. Contact us now.

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A worker adjusting the mold for tight tolerance

Tight Tolerance For Pressure Die Casting

Tolerance is kept as tight as +/-0.01mm. We abide by ISO DIN 2768f. We make molded parts in line with your requirements. And taking challenges and solving unsolvable problems are our pleasure.

Fruitful cooperation with thousands of customers prove that we are able to meet any tight tolerance.

Advanced CNC machines in operation

Advanced CNC Machines For Post-machining

We invest in CNC machines and presses, which is part of the reason why we could achieve an accurate process and highly precise die casting parts.

Our CNC machines help to reduce secondary processing on die casting parts. Therefore you can find a competitive price and a short lead time at Creating Rapid.

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