Customized Rapid Tooling For Low Volume Production

At Creating Rapid, we offer rapid tooling solutions for customers with low volume needs. Any metal or plastic could use our rapid tooling service. Customized packaging and surface treatment are available.

Our skilled engineers, diligent workers, and advanced machines enable us to deliver low volume and high quality rapid tooling solutions. If you have 1 part in need of rapid tooling, contact us and talk with our engineers about your requirements and the tool life you expect. We are here to help you.

How Rapid Tooling Speeds Up Your Project

Rapid Tooling (RT) is a cost-effective way to produce a tool or product. Creating Rapid's rapid tooling service is a quick manufacturing process for low volume production.

We use MUD(Master United Die) to reduce your cost and lead time. One of our workers will change mold cores, in less than five minutes. Four mould clamps are to be loosed before cooling or heat channel is disconnected. After the mould maker slides a new mold core into the mold base and connects the heat or cooling channel, the next round of mould production begins.

Rapid tooling materials

Rapid Tooling Materials

A wide range of materials such as steel and aluminum are available. Different kinds of surface treatments are suggested in terms of the structures and properties of the material you choose. Some of the materials are:

Steel Aluminum

If you have any other materials getting in your way, contact us and we are happy to help with our expertise. Inspection certificates of raw materials are available if you need it.

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Measuring a mold in front of a computer

From A CAD File To A Real Part

We are proud in handling your project all the way from concept, design, production to assembly and delivery. The Computer Aided Design (CAD) software, including UG and Pro-e, helps us to optimize your design by refining details.

The machines and experienced toolmakers enable us to meet low-volume as well as high-volume production. And the totally in-house service expedites your plan to the market, in a minimized amount of time and money.

Our Rapid Tooling Capabilities


Overmolding is a process combining two kinds of materials. Material A is molded onto the substrate, making the outlook of the product smooth and artistic. We are adept at plastic, metal and silicon overmolding.

Applications: power on/off button, phone keys, toothbrush handle...

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Insert Molding

Unlike overmolding, insert molding could be done for one time. The plastic is injected into a mold where an insert has been placed in advance. Insert molding is more convenient method for parts with threaded holes. Numerous clients have received excellent results from our insert molding solutions.

Applications: electronic components, connector...

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Highly complex parts of rapid tooling

Advantages Of Our Rapid Tooling Service

Highly complex parts
Our rapid tooling works under high pressure, thus parts with complex geometries could receive the best results.

Fast turnaround
Fast turnaround helps you identify any possible flaws before getting the product to the market and therefore reduces your investment cost.

High-strength parts
Rapid tooling parts are stronger than those produced by conventional tooling.

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A QC staff examing the tolerance

Quality Awareness

At Creating Rapid, each staff member is educated to be highly aware of quality. No inferior parts are to come out of our plant.

A comprehensive line of quality inspection ensures qualified parts and customer satisfaction.

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Real time response

Real-time Response

We understand that your time means opportunity and capital. Our engineers will response to your request in minutes, and your will get your parts in 2 weeks. Please note that some low volume projects take less time.

No time will be wasted for waiting and explaining in that a single engineer will take care of your project.

Featured Cases

Our moulding expertise and state-of-the-art machinery ensure you a reliable partner that you can rely on.

Here you can see all of our clients' successful projects which were done by using Creating Rapid rapid tooling. Browse these great cases to get some ideas for your next mould project.

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