Surface Treatment At Creating Rapid

Our capability of doing surface treatment service includes but is not limited to anodizing, printing, painting, and coating. If you need any finishing services that are not mentioned here, please contact us and let us know how we can help you.


An electrochemical process that add thickness of the surface. The surface will be durable and corrosion-resistant after anodizing.

Glues and paint are easy to attach on anodized surfaces. We suggest aluminum anodizing, while other metals such as magnesium are also ideal for anodizing.


Painting could enhance corrosion performance and thus the surface is anti-rusting and durable.

Our painting produces a superior finish that resists actions of forming and installation.


Printing is a reliable method to transfer the color and image that you wanted on surfaces. That's why we use printing to print your logo on your parts. We do:

Silk printing Pad printing

From our printing service you will get a customized surface with single or multiple colors.


Coating creates a layer on the surface either for protection, insulation, or decoration. We do:

Tin coating Nickel coating

From our coating service, you will get a matte or glossy surface without any added cost.

Surface Treatment For Low Volume Production

We are dedicated to delivering one-stop solutions from design to assembly. Other low-volume production services could be related to surface treatment.

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